Screw / Rivet Fixing System

Our cement based precast CBOARD Panel and CBOARD Decorative products could rapidly be installed thanks to screw or rivet fix system unless there is a special architectural restriction or a Client request.

Installation steps are as follows:
1- Galvanized L brackets are fixed to the wall using suitable wall plugs.
2- Galvanized T or box profiles are vertically fixed to the L brackets.
3- If specified / shown on the Project, chosen heat insulation product is installed between the vertical profiles.
4- Desired CBOARD Panel or CBOARD Decorative product is fixed to the vertical profiles using screws or rivets. Joint distances should be considered during the installation.
5- Joint gaps and screw / rivet heads seen on the surface are sealed off with a PU-based sealant.
6- Upon completion of the paiting with the desired colour, the installation of the CBOARD Panel or CBOARD Decorative product is completed.