Precast UHPC Facade Panel CBOARD Mare

The facades of the buildings are the first part that stands out from the outside and separates them from other buildings. Since ancient times, natural stones have been used by people for construction purposes due to their natural presence throughout the time. Over time, it has become a frequently preferred material especially as facade cladding material thanks to its strength, durability, and aesthetic appearance.

Natural stones are substances that different minerals form under high compression with the effects of earth’s temperature and pressure. These minerals may contain various materials or layers that will disrupt the continuity, so that some defects arise during the formation processes of natural stones. The disruption of continuity in the form of a less durable material or crack reduces the strength of the natural stone. Since such layers are distributed randomly in the rock, natural stone panels produced by cutting and dimensioning may also contain those weak points inside the panel.

CBOARD Mare, which is a cement-based composition manufactured based on the formation method of natural stones, is called ultra-high strength precast constituted stone or technological stone. CBOARD Mare, which is a UHPC type concrete, has a natural stone appearance and can be manufactured in the desired color with the help of color pigments. Unlike natural stones, there are no different formations in CBOARD Mare as it is manufactured from a homogeneous mixture; hence, its compressive and flexural strength is higher than 90% of natural stones. It can be used anywhere where natural stones and ceramics are used. Examples of the main areas of usage are precast facade panels, floor tiles, interior wall cladding, bathroom-kitchen cladding material, raised floor, pool cladding stones, decorative landscaping stones, decorative wall cladding materials.

The first point to be considered when deciding on a stone facade cladding in a building is the load that the facade will bring to the building, and while it is still in the design phase, choosing a stone facade affects the bearing capacity calculations. Unit volume weights of some commonly used natural stones and CBOARD Mare can be listed as follows:

- CBOARD Mare: 2.35 g/cm3

- Granite: 2.6-2.7 g/cm3

- Andesite: 2.6-2.8 g/cm3

- Marble: 2,5-2,8 g/cm3

- Travertine: 2.6-2.8 g/cm3

- Basalt: 2.8-3.0 g/cm3

- Limestone: 2.3-2.7 g/cm3

- Sandstone: 2.2-2.8 g/cm3

- Dolomite: 2.8-2.9 g/cm3

Thanks to its unique manufacturing method, CBOARD Mare makes possible to manufacture a panel with a thickness of 15 mm without sacrificing strength and durability, becoming advantageous compared to its alternatives which are natural stones. When a large quantity of natural stone is ordered, in some cases the lead times are extended up to 6 months, but with CBOARD Mare these times are significantly shortened. In addition, CBOARD Mare is A1 class fireproof and does not contain any substances harmful to human / environmental health. Fire disasters in buildings around the world are repeatedly reminding the importance of being non-combustible A1 class of all facade cladding materials and related substructure elements. From this point of view, many countries and private companies are revising the construction specifications that all elements making up the facade system must be non-flammable A1 class such as CBOARD Mare and its special hidden rail mounting system.

Water absorption value of natural stones is between 4% and 10%, cement-based fiber-reinforced precast facade panels are around 10%, and CBOARD Mare is below 2%. Such low water absorption value ensures a very high performance against freeze-thaw effects, allowing it to be used safely and comfortably under all kinds of climatic conditions. Since it is through-colored with pigments, it does not need any paint after manufacturing or mounting, it does not show dirt and reduces the cleaning / maintenance costs of the facades thanks to the impermeable structure of the low porosity precast facade stone, CBOARD Mare.

UHPC facade panel CBOARD Mare, which can be installed easily and quickly with hidden system of horizontal aluminum rail profiles, is produced with 11 standard colors and 4 surface texture options. Optionally, special colors and textures can be manufactured as well.