CBOARD Brick Channel GRC Facade Panel

A brick is a type of block used to make walls, pavements, and other elements in masonry construction. Traditionally, the term brick referred to a unit composed of fired clay, but it is now used to denote rectangular units made of clay-bearing soil, sand, and lime, or concrete materials. Bricks can be joined together using mortar, adhesives or by interlocking them.

Brick is a natural, quality, user and maintenance-friendly product, that is durable during all phases of its life cycle. Brick provides comfort, maintenance, flexibility, and safety both in the construction phase from the use of raw materials, production process to packaging and during the operational phase. Reuse and recycling of bricks is also possible upon demolition.
Our patented Betonex CBOARD Brick Channel system is the one of the easiest and economical way to install thin brick facade. Our studies show that it decreases job complexity and increases brick adhering efficiency in comparison to traditional methods.

GRC Facade Panels with Brick Duct were specially developed for brick applications. There are appropriate channels on the surface of the brick. Thanks to the ducts, it allows quick application of brick, independent of the skill of the installers. The GRC panel thicknesses in the system, which are assembled to the building with aluminum constructions, can be produced between 8-30 mm. It is produced in dimensions of 60 cmx125 cm as standard. In project specific situations, it is possible to produce larger sizes.

Betonex CBOARD Brick Channel Panel is a cement based, alkali resistant glass fiber reinforced concrete (GRC) precast facade panel specially developed for lining bricks with ease and speed. It has unique characteristic and because of the similar characteristics with bricks these are so compatible each other. Betonex CBOARD Brick Channel Panel is fire resistant (A1) and non-combustible.

Betonex CBOARD Brick Channel Panel’s special structure is created using natural materials which makes it eco-friendly while keeping it strong, stable, durable, and lightweight.
Betonex CBOARD Brick Channel Panel can be installed on either a steel or aluminum substructure using a screw-retained or rivet-retained system.