About Us

Sozeri Materials was founded in 2007. With its first brand, KREATON Precast Exterior, it has achieved successful projects mainly with the manufacturing of glass fibre reinforced concrete (GRC). With its expert team, it has successfully manufactured GRC, a new technology, in many different kinds and forms. Believing that the most important point in the manufacturing of a material is R&D work, Sozeri Materials’ team and scientists have continued to steer the materials and globalised with CBOARD products under Betonex roof.

Betonex aims to add value to our country by manufacturing state-of-the-art composite materials engineered in a laboratory environment in our modern integrated facilities in Manisa, Turkey, and aims to deliver the high quality, economically and fast to its customers.

Quality Policy

We are committed to manufacturing products which meet the needs and expectations of our customers with a customer-oriented approach, and to provide high-quality services which allow for continuous development in line with the international standards while caring about the society and the environment.

  • • Continuous improvement
  • • Closely following technology trends
  • • Improving customer satisfaction
  • • Development of superior products with continuous R&D
  • • Continuous advancement of quality
  • • Reliability,
  • • High sense of responsibility,
  • • Quality awareness,
  • • Belief of continuous improvement.
  • • Commitment to business ethics

Qualitiy Certificates

Occupational Health and Safety

Our company attaches great importance to health and safety of all employees, business partners, suppliers, customers and society while performing all of its activities. We are committed to continuous improvement of the working environment and to maintain the provision of the following:

  • • Ensuring the elimination of occupational health and safety risks by taking precautions in advance.
  • • Ensuring the use of the most suitable machinery, equipment and technology for both work and personal protection in order to maintain worker health and safety at an optimum level.
  • • Adhering to the principle of minimum risk and maximum security while carrying out our activities.
  • • Compliance with the current legislation and administrative regulations on occupational health and safety.
  • • Providing trainings to ensure that all of our employees are aware of their individual worker health and safety responsibilities.

Environmental Health

Based on the principle of ‘’RESPECT FOR NATURE ”, the management of our company, which aims to minimize the environmental impact of all our activities, will be constantly sensitive and careful not to harm the environment and will seek ways to protect natural resources. In order to continuously improve the Environmental Management System we have established and to prevent environmental pollution, we agree and undertake to provide trainings to all our employees, to ensure the continuity of the trainings, to comply with the environmental regulations and administrative regulations in force and to other conditions that are subject to itself.

Our Difference

• Betonex uses only high-quality fibers.

• Betonex uses only high-strength, high-quality cement.

• Betonex's products consist of 12 different raw materials including some nano materials.

• Additives are used to manufacture stronger and more durable materials (resistant to outdoor conditions) and for a better cure.

• Betonex’s modern facilities offer fast delivery facilities with high-capacity manufacturing.

• Betonex engineers its products by taking into account wind, earthquake and dead loads.

• Betonex offers quick application process for your projects by offering detailed and practical applicationsolutions.