CBOARD Mare Raised Floor
Technicial Specifications

CBOARD Mare's ingredients are natural materials either as extracted and simply processed like in case of minerals or heat processed like in case of cements. The colors, shades and textures of CBOARD Mare products might exhibit slight changes from time to time due to the inevitable variations reflecting from its ingredients. Very small size samples are giving general idea about softness and natural look and colors, shades and textures. CBOARD Mare is always prepared to submit larger, close to real, size samples in the sequence of order finalisation.

  • Strong but not brittle; CBOARD Mare is stronger than almost 90% of the natural stones in tensile and compressive strength. This feature is accompanied by another valuable one as being easily workable and processable. 
  • Physical strengths and durability of the system is undisputable. CBOARD Mare is least water absorbing, compact, minimum porosity, high tensile and compressive strengths, high abrassion resistant, excellent freeze and thaw durability material. 
  • Fire class of the system’s components are A1.
  • CBOARD Mare system components are all inert and non-toxic , does not react with most of the chemicals, does not include any toxic effect.
  • Fast and accurate installation is inherently provided by the superior features of the CBOARD Mare Raised Floor.
  • Workable and processable stone plates can be sawed, textured, channelled etc. according to any needs to form colums, Jhambs, sills, ornaments etc. in a more simpler and easier manner compared to the stones.
  • Easiest cleaning of the raised floor is provided with CBOARD Mare. Simple washing methods are sufficient for the least water absorbing, 

Colour and Surface Options